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About Us

TITAN is a digital workplace and collaboration platform built within Microsoft Teams by leveraging SharePoint. Titan is a Zero Coding solution that means you can setup and manage all these features and content without any technical help. Titan offers following ready to use collaboration features without any hassle of doing any sort of customization.
1. Intranet
2. Document Management System
3. Project and Task Management System
4. Timesheets and Attendance
5. Social Connect

How Titan helps and Office365 and Microsoft Teams user?

• Titan simplifies Office365 and adds more power to Microsoft Teams.
• Empower remote and frontline workers with 24×7 access to relevant information
• Offers ready to use document management system that has been built using SharePoint.
• It helps companies to instantly roll out document management system for all their users
• Help every employee to streamline document control and sharing.
• Office365 users can enjoy all the collaborative features of SharePoint within Microsoft Teams
• Offers project management system that every department can use easily.
• Offers task management system that helps you to track the progress or all tasks
• Better teamwork and execution by simplified project and task management
• Parent company can setup Intranet for all their group companies on a single Office365 tenant.
• Improves social connect by fully integrated company’s social media accounts within Intranet
• Improves employee engagement when most of us are working from our own locations.
• Setup a knowledge base for all major functions and operations
• Intranet offers following ready to use features:
• News, Announcement, Employee recognition, New joinee, Events, Media library, Monthly newsletter, Quick links, Birthdays and celebration, New initiatives, Suggestions, Employee directory, Office directory, Organization chart.
• Users can work within Microsoft Teams and access all the above features within Teams.

Titan simplifies content updation and assigning user permissions. There is no need to have a SharePoint technical consultant to understand how SharePoint works. Dependency on technical skill to understand SharePoint has been one of the biggest factors due to which more than 90% of the companies having Office365 are struggling to go beyond E-mails and very basic use of MS Teams. Titan simplifies all these and helps to improve user adoption for Office365 and Teams tremendously.

Watch TITAN Intranet Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHJZIVL2aMw&t=1s

Contact For Sales & Partnership

Name  :  Bidyut Hota

Email  :  marketing@titan4work.com

Mobile No.  :  +919643700148


Licensing  :  Saas

Customization  :  Allowed