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About Us

@TellMe is a revolutionary bot for Microsoft Teams that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), LUIS (as the NLP engine to process each request) and the Microsoft GRAPH to collect and relay information from within Microsoft 365 products.

Users can get instant access to all the must-have information of their company, such as last login time, user information, find experts, track upcoming and past events, and much more… including weather, math and time zone information.

TellMe bot can also be configured to answer questions for any required knowledge base/subject, adding to its feature rich capabilities and eliminating the need for users to install any other bot.

TellMe bot is the go-to App for users to get any information that they request in a simple, fast and secure chat-based assistant that is always available.

TellMe has a road map that ensures it will be continually developed to encompass all Microsoft 365 interactions exposed by the GRAPH API.

So just ask @TellMe what you would like to know…

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Mobile No.  :  +919824029811


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