RayVision PPE Violation

Detection Solution

Ray Reach Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

RayVision captures video streams from your existing IP CCTV cameras and does the following:

  • Sift through CCTV camera feeds without any human intervention
  • Detect any violation to the standard protocols which can be determined visually
  • Send real time alerts when it detects violations
  • Help you to intervene at the right time
  • Don’t require you to invest on cameras if you have covered your floors/sites already with CCTV cameras
  • Work perfectively well whether it is a single facility with a few cameras or multiple locations with 100s of cameras

The use cases depicted above are just a select set of limited ones and there could be many other possibilities with our powerful algorithms and the solution landscape.

Contact For Sales & Partnership

Name  :  Sandip More

Email  :  Sandip.more@rayreachtech.com

Mobile No.  :  +919325509145


Licensing  :  Perpetual

Customization  :  Allowed