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About Us

QuikFormz is an enterprise productivity application. It is a single mobility solution which can serve various enterprise requirements. It is easily configurable and can collect real-time data from the field force as well as in-house employees. A SaaS based mobile app which can be used for:

  • Multiple Application Integrations,
  • Enterprise Chats
  • Customized Business Workflows,
  • Approvals
  • Geo-tagging,
  • Attendance,
  • Recognition,
  • CRM,
  • Route Management,
  • Content Management,
  • SOS and
  • Reporting.

Contact For Sales & Partnership

Name  :  Chandrabhushan Kumar

Email  :  chandrabhushan@orientindia.net

Mobile No.  :  +918080714646


Licensing  :  Perpetual/Saas

Customization  :  Allowed