Compusoft Advisors (India) Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

ProcMATE is a next generation business process automation platform with a prime focus on real time process analytics, cognitive conversational capabilities & self-learning workflows.  It utilizes proprietary ML, NLP algorithms and cutting-edge cognitive technologies to inject automated intelligence into operational BPM software.

ProcMATE is a highly scalable Enterprise solution and has ready integrations with Dynamics 365, SAP,, Oracle, etc. The solution has a strong Artificial Intelligence engine which uses Machine Learning and Cognitive workflow in the backend. It also supports Natural Language Processing which ensures a user friendly interaction to give maximum customer satisfaction.

ProcMATE also has an in- built OCR which helps in identifying structured & unstructured data from digital documents and perform business processes based on data from such digital documents.

In a true sense of an Omni Channel solution, ProcMATE can integrate with any messaging service, Chabot, Web Pages, Social Media Platforms or any enterprise Line of business solutions.

ProcMATE can also be positioned as an Enterprise Digital Middleware and an intelligent Business Process Automation engine.

Contact For Sales & Partnership

Name  :  Devesh Aggarwal

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Mobile No.  :  +91-9820062181


Licensing  :  Perpatual/Saas

Customization  :  Allowed