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Manufacturing industries face additional complexities due to expansion which has resulted in complication of the value chain, redundancy in systems and processes, and a lack of transparency and flexibility in processes. Improving performance can be a challenge in this environment.

In a move to be more customer-centric, it becomes imperative for companies to focus on customer’s feedback and minimize lack of communication within different departments. This app assists manufacturing industries to improve their sales and after sales service by providing a 360-degree view of customer activity and in turn aid to streamline information and processes within the company. It brings the transparency between the salespersons, management and the customers.

Following are the highlights of our Sales and Service for Manufacturing solution:

  1. Tracking of entire Sales Process with Demand Forecasting
  2. Visibility into Inventory
  3. Prepare and track Quotes and Proposals
  4. Complete management of Customer Service
  5. Knowledge about Customer Contracts and Payment Cycles

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