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Impactsure Technology Analytics offerings brings together in house analytics experts, deep domain understanding and solid technology infrastructure.

Impactsure Technologies collaborates with organizations to fulfil business goals by the application of Analytics. Our experts showcase a great diversity of expertise & skills and are certified by Microsoft, on Analysing & Visualising data. They also hold a couple of patents in Analytics.

Partnering with Microsoft Power BI, a leader in business analytics platform, which connects to multiple data sources, simplifies data preparation and turns it into intelligible insights.

Multiple organization works on project basis to meet customer demand. Project Analytics solution focuses on improving customer satisfaction and minimizing process risk. It highlights short term fixes by comparing changes in market demand with internal supply constraints. The solution also aids in making long term operations changes to make sustainable gain.

The solution can consolidate data from multiple sources and format. Data cleansing & modeling is done to enrich the data in order to derive meaningful insights. Visualizations  are customized for easy consumption. Client feedback is incorporated during the entire development and deployment stages.

The key benefits of project analytics solutions are:

  • Project Risk Mitigation
  • Match market demand Vs supply resource
  • Project type trend
  • Aids in objective decision making

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