A   Mumbai  based NBFC which is  one stop Investment bank for all financial needs of growth oriented mid market companies r was planning to migrate from their existing messaging platform GSuite .They were facing some serious challenges in communication and collaboration. As part of their overall strategy for transition they were looking for a partner who not only guided them to choose the right platform but also helped them to assess their current IT infrastructure across multiple locations in India. 

The Customer approached TechGyan, a Mumbai based leading Microsoft  Gold Certified  partner with the defined scope of the project. The only issue was that Customer had a large office in Ahmedabad . So while TechGyan had physical presence in Mumbai , since it did not have any presence in Ahmedabad, the question arose on how the work will ba handled ?TechGyan being a Mumbai based company was finding it difficult due to operational and logistic reasons but doesn’t want to lose out on the opportunity. TechGyan approached Dev Information Technology Ltd. who is an IAMCP member and based out of Ahmedabad with specialization in IT Infrastructure.

TechGyan and DevIT then worked on a joint strategy to work as a team in front of the customer. The objective was the customer should not face any difficulties while executing the project as two separate companies across locations were involved. The beauty was that in a short period of time, resources from both TechGyan and DevIT teams could synchronize and represent themselves as one team.

The first objective was to do IT infrastructure assessment across multiple locations i.e. Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The TechGyan team based out of Mumbai did the assessment in Mumbai and DevIT team in Ahmedabad did the assessment in Ahmedabad based on guidance given by TechGyan and presented a report.

Based on the report, the customer then decided to transition from GSuite to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office 365 platform. Considering the experience that they had while working on the IT infrastructure project they awarded the project of messaging and collaboration platform transition to TechGyan.

TechGyan again collaborated with DevIT to execute the migration project considering the fact that the process of working as a team while being two different companies is now well established and defined.

From a customer perspective, there was a single point of contact in the role of Project Manager from TechGyan. Two teams were formed in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The Mumbai team consists of TechGyan resources and Ahmedabad team consists of DevIT  resources. The major portion of planning and migration was done by TechGyan remotely. The DEVIT Team in Ahmedabad then spent time on site to configure the systems with the latest Windows and MS Office. Various processes were put in place to synchronize tasks across locations and represent all as one team.

The Project Manager  provided various reports to customer to ensure the progress of the report was provided in real time and any escalations addressed with the right approach.

From Microsoft mantra, which believes in empowering Partner to Partner(P2P) as key to their scale across the world, this is a classic example which represents the ethos and the principle of partners with complementing skill sets to win a customer and provide professional services which makes customers happy.

The fact that the IAMCP was the common factor between both TechGyan and DevIT. IAMCP platform provided the ecosystem that allowed two partners with complimentary skills to come together to act as one in front of the customer. This is the objective of IAMCP to allow collaboration among partners and increase co-existence in a world of fierce competition.

About TechGyan (www.techgyan.in)

TechGyan is a Worldwide award winning Technology and Consulting Services Company, based out of Mumbai, India. We provide Cloud based Productivity and Digital Security Solutions to Small & Mid-sized Indian and International Customers. They are a Gold Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner.

Dev Information Technology Ltd. (https://www.devitpl.com/)

Dev Information Technology Ltd. (NSE: DEVIT) works together with its clients across the globe to empower their business with the right mix of information technology, innovation and digital transformation. Right from advisory to execution backed by expert applications and infrastructure management; we optimize your IT into a strategic asset.



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