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About Us

Unlimited Innovations (UI) – Claim analytics solution is a decision-aiding dashboard for health insurance companies and TPA’s. The solution empowers the insurance companies and TPA’s to analyze data at many stages to cut down or reduce the decision-making time and cost, as well as reduce errors by leveraging advanced analytics.

Our Solution offerings include FAMS (Fraud & Abuse management System) Trigger, Loss Ratio Analysis and overview Dashboards of Claim occurrence & Claim cost using the state-of-art data visualization expertise and advanced analytics capabilities. These analytical insights help insurance and TPA executives to make the right decision to reduce cost by identifying fraudulent claims and uncover new marketing strategies.

Claim Analytics – Key Benefits

  • Accurate Claim Assessment and claim statistics
  • Monitor claim amounts, monthly premiums, and loss ratios
  • Identify the expensive Claims
  • Detect provider-related claim abuse
  • Improves Profitability of Claims

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